Christmas Markets of Berlin

Weihnachtsmarkt auf dem Gendarmenmarkt in BerlinA pleasurable experience to try when living in Berlin or Europe in general are the many Christmas Markets that set up and open their stalls beginning the second or third week in November and lasting until after Christmas.   Here is a list of links beginning with six of the most popular:

  1. Alexanderplatz Christmas Market
  2. Christmas Market at Charlottenburg Palace
  3. Weihnachtszauber at the Gendarmenmarkt h
  4. Lucia Christmas Market at the Kulturbrauerei
  5. Winterdream at Alexa – The Big Berlin Christmas Market
  6. Winterworld on Potsdamer Platz

Most are just opening this week, so by the end of the week I hope to have some personal photos and information to post.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Markets of Berlin

    1. Thank you Jim! One thing I would caution you about is to “ask before you touch” anything. Some of the venders get very uptight if you handle their wares. In defense of this behavior, they probably deal with a lot of theft in a busy market with thousands of people walking past. If you get something snatched out of your hand while browsing, best to move along to the next stall. Chances are you will find whatever you were checking out up ahead or at the next market. Life is too short to deal with rude salespeople.


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